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2019另版葡京赌侠诗句 装配工艺工程师 给HR留言

工作地点: 山东省济宁市高新区 职位月薪: 8K-20K(可面议) [参考工资]
招聘人数: 1人 最低学历: 本科
年龄要求: 不限 工作经验: 6~10年
招聘方式: 全职 刷新日期: 昨天
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A Generate and maintain documentations of standardized work, quick setup, and operation balance, PFMEA etc. to optimize the productivity, equipment utilization and improve product quality.
B Select and manage machining tooling, program for new launching products. And stabilize the machining process.
C Ensure accurate BOMs and routings for production in process development phase.
D Setup, define and maintain process parameters/programs on machines to ensure that the manufacturing process and controls are capable of consistently producing products to meet or exceed customer expectations. Support to maintain fixtures, equipment and machines.
E Lead or participate in on-line problem solving activities utilizing defined analytical methods. Work closely with Production (management, team leaders, and operators) to identify issues and/or opportunities for improvement proactively, and drive actions to resolve or improve.
F Lead process changes or introduce engineering changes with the guidance from Product engineering. Support SCM’s components localization activities for cost out.
G Work closely with Quality on customer quality issues to enable problem resolution and prompt customer response.  Communicate with customers as needed to understand issues and explain resolution.
H Support and/or lead the implementation of ELSS, EHS Directives, EQS, and other EBS initiatives as needed. Coach the operators and other persons needed to deploy ELSS.
I Evaluate the potential suppliers for equipment and tools. Specify technical requirement, recommend eligible blue print.
J Evaluate annual expense and capital projects for normal products. Make sure the expense and capital are under control initiatively.
K Conduct the MFR for new product introduction

Bachelor degree or above, major in Mechanical Engineering.
More than 3 years working experience in relevant field with knowledge of engineering principles, practices and experience of technologies used in company’s products.
Be familiar with assembly line and grinding machine.
Be familiar with machining tooling and fixture
Well understanding and practices of PFMEA, APQP, PPAP, Control Plan, SPC, DOE
Familiar with CAD using
Process design capability
6 sigma/ELSS knowledge
Communication skills
Problem solving skills
MFG/PRO (BOM, Routings in particular)
Good written English skill
Computer literacy skills
联系人:杨先生 职务:招聘专员 所在部门:HR
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  • 餐饮
  • 超市/购物
  • 银行
  • 医院
  • 学校
  • 公交
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厂务维修技术员 [济宁市任城区 ] 昨天
月薪 3K -5K |全职 |招聘1人 |年龄不限 |经验3~5年

供应商质量工程师SQE [济宁市高新区 ] 昨天
月薪 6K -15K |全职 |招聘1人 |年龄27-40岁 |经验3~5年

资深质量工程师 [济宁市高新区 ] 昨天
月薪 8K -20K |全职 |招聘1人 |年龄40岁以下 |经验6~10年

财务经理 [济宁市高新区 ] 昨天
月薪 10K -20K |全职 |招聘1人 |年龄28-42岁 |经验6~10年

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